How to stop iBook loud buzzing noise?
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My iBook makes a loud buzzing noise, and I'm going to lose my mind if I don't figure out how to make it stop.

My iBook has a very noisy fan- I feel like it's always made a noise. Recently, I've noticed that the noise has developed two layers- a lower hum and a very high pitched buzzing. The buzzing is beginning to drive me crazy. It only seems to get better when I close the iBook completely or almost completely, which makes it a little difficult to use. Is this a common problem, and is there any way I can fix this problem on my own?
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Its definately not a common problem. My iBook is dead quiet, only on occasions when it gets to hot, I can hear the sound of the fan (its not loud) . But not buzzing as you described.

I think you should call technical support or go to the Genius Bar.
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My speakers on my g4 800 mhz ibook have gotten distorted lately, under tiger. I zapped the pram, but am not sure what happened. I don't know how they could be "blown" given the gutless output on the internal speakers. help.

My fan almost never comes on.
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Ha. My G3 iBook has started making constant loud fan sounds since its second motherboardectomy. If anyone has a good solution I'll be thrilled. It's annoying me a lot too.
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Mine emits a high pitched buzz, but only when I close it with the power cord attached. If I disconnect the cord the buzzing stops.
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I had an old PowerBook that did that. I opened the case and tightened the screws that secured the fans to the motherboard and also used a can of air to clean the dust out. However, if your machine is under warranty, just have AppleCare deal with it. I'd hate to see anyone mess up their laptop if something happened like static discharge or a slip of the screwdriver.

You could also try blowing compressed air into the fan vents to knock some of the dust loose.
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When fans begin to buzz loudly, in all reality they need to be replaced.
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It could well be a hard drive failure on the way -- it was a loud whirring noise that sounded the death-knell for my iBook HD. If the noise appears to be coming from beneath the left-hand palmrest (i.e. to the left of the trackpad), get on the phone to Apple ASAP.
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I agree with holgate, watch that HD. Have had the logic board replaced twice in 12 months on my iBook, the HD went with the last 'outage.'

Can you fix? Probably not. Apple like you to have them "care" for your stuff, at a pretty step cost. (This is my last Apple laptop purchase).
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Could be the speakers - can you tell where, exactly, either of the noises are coming from? I've seen a few Powerbooks with buzzy speakers, and usually it's just a loose connector or a result of one of the teeny-tiny wires getting too close to another wire (although this is a huge pota to fix on an iBook).
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Response by poster: It's coming from the back little vents- which leads me to believe it is the fan. When I close the book, the noise changes.
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