Shoe shopping for Bigfoot!
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Mr. Panda is in need of a new pair of boots. Difficulty - size 15 and with a specific style.

So this is the style of boot he fell in love with, however, that company doesn't make anything in a size 15. Tried on the 14 and that didn't fit. Does anyone know of a place (either in Houston or online is fine) that makes this style of boot in a 15?

The selling points to the boot is thin tread, high top (he refuses loafers) and will look just fine being beaten up by every day wear. He used to wear Chucks but now they are all suddenly too narrow and do not fit his wide toes. We have no idea what changed with that.
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Zappos has many boots that come in size 15 that look relatively similar to my eye... though I didn't want to pull out specific examples because none quite match exactly. You can further narrow by color/material/width if desired, but it's few enough pages that you can just look through them all. Are any of those close?
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Sorry about that, I should have mentioned we've already checked both Zappos and Amazon and only found 2-3 pairs combined that he liked, but that weren't close enough to the original to make the decision.
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Your husband can have a similar set of boots made by Whites. These are real working boots, though, even though they look fantastic. I've wanted a set for years, but can never justify the expense. Whites will take custom measurements of his foot (or you can record them yourself) and retain the data to make any shoes or boots later that he wants as well. It's a strange combination of extremely tough workboots with old-fashioned English-style custom cobblers who retain individual lasts and so on. One day, I'll finally be able to work a pair of Whites into the budget. Until then, best of luck!
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I was looking for Blundstones (a Chelsea boot style but perfect for everyday wear), but regrettably they only go up to a US 14. BUT! How about these Timberlands? Zappos is definitely your friend here.
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Is this close enough for him?
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These are somewhat close, but aren't the same color and don't have same lacing at the top.
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If fit and durability are criteria then Whites boots are among the very best. Whites provides pairs of boots or shoes with one that fits the right foot correctly and another that fits the left foot properly, even if your feet are completely different sizes. I worked in their boots for years and now wear their Walker shoes exclusively because I can't find any other shoes that fit as well.
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Speaking as a fellow large-footed man (size 14 or 15, depending on the shoe, and EEEE-width), you should check the aptly-named
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