Shipping a soundbar
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How to pack a soundbar?

I have become the owner of a hand-me-down Vizio VSB200 sound bar. I want to ship it (or check it as a bag) to move it from my mom's place to my own place, but she does not have the original box. Given the... unusual dimensions of the piece, can anyone recommend where I could pick up a box which would fit it?

39.63" wide
4.67" tall
4.26" deep

11.68 pounds.

(I will be packing the mounting brackets and such in my suitcase.)
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Best answer: Your local UPS store. (No relation, I just have a box there and know that they sell tons of boxes of various sizes.)

If you're willing to check it, wrap it in a cheap blanket and tape it shut, if you're willing to take the chance with the TSA.
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Yeah, any pack-and-ship place will wrap it for you (for a price) and then not ship it.
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Mailing tubes or boxes, as seen here.
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Response by poster: Marky: They had the right size, but I would have had to buy 20 at a time!

I ended up taking it to the UPS store by my mom's place; they packed it, and the shipping was less expensive than checking it as a bag.

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