Video game yoga?
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I would like to do yoga with a videogame console I have Xbox +Wiifit

Wiifit plus drives me crazy because of the breaks between poses! I would like it to be more fluid like a class. I there a 'game' for either system that will not give me extended explanations between every pose?
Or should I just buy a DVD?
Thanks so much
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For the Wii, My Fitness Coach has a good yoga section, although it is basically like watching a customized video since there's no use of the Balance Board or other feedback (avoid the sequel like the plague, it's supposed to be terrible). I have a friend who has recommended New U Yoga and Pilates, but I have not tried it.
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yeah I have the sequel it is terrible
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The first one is actually good. I had it first for PS2 under the name Yourself Fitness, but the Wii version is pretty much exactly the same (I think the lady's name changed or something small and strange like that). Perhaps because it doesn't have the dynamic interface, the workouts are actually a lot more varied and interesting than other Wii fitness games.
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