Witch Sue Game: what does it mean?
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My 5 year old granddaughter and I like this game and we'd like to know what the captions on the potions mean. Is it Korean? Also, any other insight into the game, any of the characters you get when you make different potions?

Can anyone translate the captions on this game?
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According to this video, the gems are for eye color, the shelf under that is for skin color, and the bottom left shelf is for age and gender. The two shelves in the center are for the clothes. The far right shelves are for body shape (based on the shape of the bottle) and face type (from the animals).
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This game is in Korean.
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My Korean informant informs me:

Witch asks: "Mirror, who is the prettiest character in ibravo?"
Mirror replies: "The prettiest character in ibravo is avatar star (=celebrity) Sue."
Above the mirror is written: "Sue's makeover magic"
Mouseover the witch, witch says: "I will become Sue using magic potions."

Clicking the witch to get to the wall full of potions.
Captions, left column: "Eyeball potions" (top), "Skin colour potions" (middle), "Age potions" (bottom left), "Sex-changing potion" (bottom right).
Middle column: "Character potions" (middle), "Makeup potion" (bottom).
Right column: "Body shape potion" (middle), "Face potion" (bottom).

The bag is labelled, "magic powder".

The square at the bottom have labels corresponding to the potions (except missing the word "potion" itself).
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Update: "potion" is maybe not quite right; the word doesn't imply it's for drinking. "Medicine", or "drug".
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Response by poster: So cool! Thanks!
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