Flipboard for grandparents
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Flipboard for grandparents: Is there a simple way for my grandparents to browse multiple social media feeds on their new iPad?

I'm setting up a new iPad for my grandparents. They do not use any social media sites, and have no interest in starting. My parents, aunt, and uncle all use Facebook. My sister and cousins use Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and more. Is there a simple way for Grandma to browse all the family's public feeds in one place? Something like Flipboard would be perfect, if it let them subscribe to individual social media feeds without joining each service. Is there an application that does this? A workaround for Flipboard?
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I was going to say Hootsuite, but I think you have to sign up for each SNS service.
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No advice about browsing consolidation, but they'd have to join Facebook/Instagram/etc. and be friends with their relatives to see their posts. Make sure the username and password are the same (or very similar, with a variable part based on the service being used) across the board, and friend everyone on all the services before handing over the iPad. I did that last year on a laptop for my grandfather's 80th birthday, and he loves it.
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I think you could quickly and easily set up dummy SNS accounts to feed content into and aggregate using Flipboard. I do this all the time for our clients.
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I believe you can subscribe to RSS feeds from flipboard, which might help
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This is the sort of thing IFTTT.com is often handy for. You could maybe save things to a Dropbox account? There are a ton of clever recipes once you join.
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