what to do in Manchester uk for new years?
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what to do in Manchester uk for new years?

Hi everyone, I am new to the Manchester area and was wondering if there are any new years events similar to the ball drop in New York time square for new years in Manchester UK.

I have searched online and I only saw fireworks for 2011 near arndale mall as well as something from 2010 about St. Alberts square being considered for something similar to New Yorks time square.

I am also looking for something along the lines of drinks or maybe a show for that night. My budget is very limited so free to very cheap would be ideal.
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Best answer: There seems to be something planned in Albert Square again this year, with fireworks and a countdown.

(I'm afraid I've got no idea how good it is or what else is available as my usual way to spend NYE is to eat a big meal and then go to bed early with a book)
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help, deffinetly gonna check out the fireworks
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