Botanica? Maybe....
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On the off chance the the all wise clan that is Metafilter just happens to have this information handy: Where can I find bulk or low cost religious icons, candles, rosaries, etc in NYC by New Years Eve? Santeria type stuff is good, and I'm also specifically looking for dozens of affordable rosaries... Doing a combo photo shoot/event and need a lot of religious idolatry to outfit a space. Thanks in advance
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What about a botanica such as this one? I'm sure there are equivalents in the city also.
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There are still plenty of botanicas up in east harlem.
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I feel like I've seen bags of rosaries and those iconic religous candles in Michael's crafts.

Also, nearly every bodega around me here in Brooklyn has a shelf (usually a low shelf, towards the back) that has a bunch of this stuff.
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I'm sure it's not unique, but there's a religious store that I pass sometimes on Woodruff in Bklyn (google suggests it's D&J Religious Store at 183 Woodruff). It's open odd hours, but it's a store that carries exclusively what you're looking for.
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St. Francis of Assisi's Card & Gift Shop on W. 31st Street (right by MSG/Penn Sation) might be of help. I used to buy dozens of cheap roaries and devotional/liturgical stuff there back in the 90's
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There's a fantastically stocked Botanica on Union Street just as you cross over to Red Hook from Carroll Gardens. I moved away over a year ago but imagine it's still there. It had stuff I hadn't seen anywhere else. Sorry I can't remember the cross street.
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Justo Botanica on east 104th. Some really beautifully designed labels and such as well.
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