What do I do with myself?
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Every once in a while, I find myself alone and bored with nothing to do. Normally I have plenty of friends and an active social life, but in times like right now, for instance, when I'm away from home visiting family, and everyone I know in this city is out of town for the holidays, and lots of things like dance classes are closed for the holidays, I don't know what to do with myself.

I can stay entertained reading and stuff by myself for a couple days, and doing the family things, but I get bored and want to go out drinking or dancing or general carousing. I'm reluctant to do this by myself because a) I'm female and I hate all the catcalls and guys hitting on me every time I go out by myself (and I'm in a relationship so I'm not looking to meet guys), plus I'm in kind of a bad neighborhood so there is a safety issue, and b) I don't think it would be fun to just go sit in a bar by myself. Any ideas, or things you do in this situation? Especially ladies? (I'm in San Francisco at the moment, staying in my friend's place while he's away for the holidays.)
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Are you into art/history/medical oddities/etc? Going to a museum would be a good diversion. I actually prefer art museums alone because you can go at your own pace. I don't know the area, but any major city should have plenty of options.
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Going to the movies alone is fun - you don't have to worry about anyone else's enjoyment and you can people-watch. I also love going to cafes by myself, day or night. You can bring a book and be alone and with people at the same time.
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I'm often in this boat. Movies are awesome for reasons walla said. Also checking out museums during the day is great because you don't have to linger around boring exhibits or make small talk about art you don't like. You can also stick around longer and enjoy art that you do like.

If you like mefites, you can always post a casual hangout IRL. I'm sure folks who are free wouldn't mind joining you.
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Sometimes on a Saturday afternoon, when I don't have much on and am tired of being home alone, I go to a nearby pub that has live music. I take a paper or magazine, get a drink, sit in the sun and read and listen to the music. Quite frankly, I would welcome being hit on, but in practice, it doesn't happen at this place. People from San Francisco may be able to suggest similar venues in safe neighborhoods.

Second going to the cinema by yourself. Awesome!

For cafes, I sometimes take a book or paper (see plenty of people with their ipads). Or on a recent trip, I started sketching - and I can't draw for nuts - but I enjoy sitting there giving it a go while I have a coffee.

I like a good long browse in a large bookshop that is open evenings, where I can gather up a big stack of cookbooks or design books and flick through them.
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SF has lots of fun neighborhoods to explore, just shopping and browsing by yourself - I used to spend a lot of time just wandering around Valencia Street in the Mission, for example.

It would depend on what you're in to, but here in SF especially there are a lot of active groups on Meetup that might be worth checking out.
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Go check out green apple books. I can easily kill several hours there anytime. That neighborhood is also easy to walk around during the day.

There's another girl mefite in sf also looking for things to do. See IRL (im on my phone and cannot pull up the link). Memail her and see if she wants to hang out.

I'm in the bay area and can easily say that most bay area mefites are super awesome and easy to hang out with. Suggest an activity on IRL and I'm sure someone will keep you company.

I'll post more if I can think of other stuff you could do.
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I like the ones that sell old books and/or magazines, pick out something interesting to read, buy it dirt cheap, and hole up in a coffee shop or restaurant sinking it in.
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Best answer: If you want to carouse at a bar, I say pick a microbrewery that's a local favourite. I went to the Monk's Kettle in the Mission area and had a great time by myself and chatted with whoever happened to be sitting at the bar table beside me. I'm also young and female and haaate cat calls, and but this pub was no problem. People at microbreweries tend to be chill and just there for the tasty beer, not so much being a nuisance to others.

Since you're in SF, I'd say, go out and take pictures of street art and public murals. I spent several days just doing that in my visit there, and you'll be occupied for a long time. There's so much art in that city! Enjoy!
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Just get out there and walk. It's great exercise, especially with all those hills, and you never know what you might find.
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