iPhone Repair in Springfield?
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Where is a good place to repair a broken mute switch on the iPhone 4 in Springfield, MO?

The button that toggles between mute and unmute on my iPhone is broken, which means my phone is perpetually fixed on mute. I have started using Assistive Touch and that has worked in unmuting my device but I want it completely fixed. Is there somewhere near Springfield, MO where I can take it to be repaired?
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I don't have any experience with them, but Springfield iPhone Repair on Campbell might be what you are looking for...
posted by 1367 at 7:46 PM on December 28, 2012

Maybe try Wireless Trendz? There looks to be one on Kansas Expressway and one on Battlefield, too.

Yeah for another Missourian on Mefi!
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Database Systems (Springfield’s Only Apple Specialist) says they aren't authorized to fix iPhones, but I bet if you call they could tell you the best place to go.
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