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What do I need to learn to make mods for Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition?

Searching "Baldur's Gate Enhanced mods" only brings up install guides, downloads and lists of available mods. What I'm looking for are tutorials and guides how to make mods myself.
I have some background in game design, but only 3D models and such, nothing on the coding front. So far, I also only made campaigns or maps in games that came with an editor.

Where do I find tutorials for making mods/campaigns?
Can I use resources that were written for the original game? I see some old mods were made compatible with BGEE, but not all.
Is it realistic to think I can make simple mods* any time soon (few months) if I start completely from scratch? I'm ok with learning to code if that's required, and if I know what language.

*simple mods would include dialogues between existing NPCs (i.e. banter between party members where players only click "continue" and "end") as a start and adding new companion NPCs with own quests/maps as the end of the learning curve.
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I love that this is the first question I see today :) I've been enjoying playing this game.

So from what I understand they had to revamp the engine, not totally rework it, but certainly give a face-lift so I'm assuming most of the old mods won't work at all until they've been retooled, which some have.

There's some out there already but I would expect in the coming two months you'll see a bunch of these topics and tutorials pop up on the BGEE Forum. Here's a good one to begin with modding and where to start

I'm sure that the resources from the old games will give you a real good understanding of the basic process flow and code-behind that you'll need to do, but with obvious updates needed.

Good luck! I look forward to seeing the mods people put out for this
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