Bad Dental Crown?
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Did I get a bad crown?

I just got a crown replaced today. Well it feels like there's a hole or something there that if i breathe deep enough in the right way air goes through and it's kind of painful (like i'm whisteling with my tooth). it's sensitive to cold as well. am i just paranoid or did my dentist mess something up?
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Wait a few days. My dental work is always really sensitive for the first few days, sometimes up to a week, because the nerves are inflamed from all the poking around. If it still bothers you in a week, or if the pain gets substantially worse, call your dentist.
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Yeah, I'm with @decathecting. It'll be a bit sensitive at first, but it should go away in a bit.
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With the above - mine were terribly sensitive the first few days and have since settled down.

Keep an eye on it though - if it goes on longer than a week or so, or worsens, you should have it looked at.
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I assume you did not have a root canal previously. As others have said, your tooth may very well settle down in a few days. If its the same in a week, then go in and have your dentist check the crown and make sure it's fitted properly. If it still hurts, then you may need a root canal. My teeth are sensitive, and every time I get a crown, I have to get a root canal done too.
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I had a problematic crown that didn't get comfortable for over half a year. It was bad enough that I lost faith in the dentist who did it and switched. I think that was a good decision for a number of reasons, but the new one theorized that my issue was likely a hairline fracture in the tooth below the crown. So it was done correctly (minus some minor forgivable issues that were easily adjustable) but it still meant I favored one side of my mouth for chewing because that molar wasn't comfortable.

If you have similar "below the line" issues as a result of why you needed the crown in the first place then you might find it takes a while to settle down. I certainly wouldn't assume an issue just based on sensitivity, given how rough on on the tooth the crown process is.
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The process of seating a crown causes inflammation and sensitivity for quite a while afterwards. I'm overly sensitive and it often takes 4-6 weeks for my mouth to feel back to normal. Also, if it's far enough back, the crown sometimes doesn't make full contact with the gumline and so can be sensitive/bleed.

My dentist recommends regular low doses of ibuprofen (like 2 every 4-6 hours) for a few days to manage the inflammation. It works for me, but YMMV.
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The process to get a crown on a tooth (with or without a root canal) creates a lot of inflammation in your mouth. I have noticed, like other posters, that it usually takes a range of weeks to feel "normal." And, having it "off," where it's sitting too high in your mouth and throwing off your bite, can make it feel a lot worse than it actually is. Fortunately, adjustments can be made, and they should be complimentary. It just takes a few minutes to get it adjusted, and it should feel better instantly (if that is the issue). And, ibuprofen will help; if you can't take that, try some Tylenol, or call your dentist if the sensitivity persists.

How is your dental hygeine in general? If you're walking around with gums that bleed every time you brush, it will be a longer recovery/adjustment than if you floss twice a day.

Another thing to consider, and I'm sharing because this happened to me this summer, at a most inopportune time (on vacation): I had a crown placed on a tooth that had cracked and was not salvagable with filling. I had a temporary on and was going to get the permanent placed after I returned from vacation. I started to get an aching feeling in my lower jaw (the crown was on my upper jaw) and it got so bad, I could not sleep. The pain was keeping me awake despite taking the maximum dose of some Lortabs I had with me (I travel prepared). Nothing was touching this pain; it was very intense and achy. I called my dentist the next day and described my symptoms; he stated it sounded like an abcess, prescribed an antibiotic and some tramadol, and I had to get a root canal when I got back. So, if you still have roots there, it could also be an infection.

Call your dentist if the ibuprofen/Tylenol isn't working, and I hope you feel better soon.
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