"We show why you aren't qualified to decide"
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Looking for a great blog post from many years ago (I think by Julian Sanchez?), about a hypothetical news organization presenting information about why the viewer isn't well-informed enough to make a decision on a specific topic.

The post begins by complaining about issues being dumbed down by mainstream news into point-counterpoint pieces which purport to let the viewer decide between them, and speculates about what the opposite news program would look like and why it would be great.

I've always had this post in the back of my mind but I can never track it down. I remember it being by Julian Sanchez from long ago (maybe 2005?) but that could be wrong. Obviously this is very little to go on but I'm inspired by those askmefi questions about children's novels that always get nailed in under a minute. Just thought I'd take a shot at it. Thanks!
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Is it Julian Sanchez's "Perils of pop philosophy" post?
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I love metafilter. Thanks Evoque.
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