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London-club-night-filter: recommendations for nights out in London that will play us some essential soundz of NOW?

Somewhat inspired by this post my wife and I realised it's been too long a time since we got to dance around to these kind of danceable, insanely and inanely catchy songs outside the house....any recommendations? In particular music along the lines of David Guetta, Nicky Minaj, Ke$ha maybe even stretching to some Florence and the Machine or Azealia Banks.

Timeout suggests me either impossibly cool places or full on cheese fests, neither of which are quite what we are after.

We are mid to late 20s and are currently based in the northern bit of south London, but willing to travel!
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Since night buses back to South London from the East or Central are pure hell at 3 or 4am, why not try some of these more local nights:

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern puts on some good cabaret nights including dUCKIE, and from the times I've been it gets pretty poppy towards the latter end of the night.

Another place to look at in Vauxhall is Hidden. It's got 5 different rooms that plays 5 completely different types of music, so there'll be a pop room or an R&B room, maybe a Rock room or one for Electronica. If you go on a night out with a big group of people it's great because you're pleasing everyone in your party. I'd recommend going on a Friday when Popstarz is on as they play pretty much exactly what you're looking for.

Oh, and also, both the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and Hidden are primarily gay clubs, so don't go if you're a homophobe.

Peckham has become quite popular lately and with the extension of the Overground it's a lot easier to get to. Have a look at what's on at the Bussey Building? There's also some good pubs and bars around the station so if you want to start out a little early try hitting up Bar Story or the Montpelier.

If you'd rather go out to somewhere else, let me know and I can give you some more recommendations.
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Thanks very much _superconductor! We are up near Elephant and Castle, but that is very helpful, never had much of a reason to explore Vauxhall way so we will see...
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