R is for... really cool gift that begins with R?
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I need to buy a few small gifts that begin with the letter R for a family gift exchange. My budget is $20, the potential recipients range from an 18 year old college freshman to a 70 year old.

My family in general has a wacky sense of humor, are fun and silly, like music, and will be appreciative of cleverness in the execution of the theme even if the gift(s) don't have much function or practical purpose, though I don't want the gifts to be completely useless. One thought I've had is buying 20 "R" things at a dollar store, but I'm not sure I could come up with 20. I don't know why I'm so stumped on what to get. Help!
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Romney/Ryan campaign swag?
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Best answer: Pirate related things? ARRRRRRRRR.
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Best answer: How about recorders? Your family could play a song (or two) together!
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Best answer: A hand crank radio? There are a few that come in under $20 on Amazon.

You could also go candy themed - Reese peanut butter cups, raisinets, ringpops, jolly ranchers, Ferrero rocher, etc.
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For free you can collect and give some of your own Recommended Recipes Remembered by Relatives. Extra credit if they make use of raisins, radishes, ravioli, rhubarb, rice, and raspberries.
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R can easily stand for Random/Repurposed/Regifted giving you the freedom to get almost anything at all.

Or like looli says R-borio rice, R-boretum passes, R-Gang DVD box set.

Recordings could point to any music at all. Radio, likewise. Reading material is any book.

I'd also think of phrases that you could use sort of index style

Rodeo, not your first
Rug, snug as a bug in a
Revolution, lack of Television at

But actually I think the answer is to get a bunch of Rare earth magnets and make people custom Refrigerator magnets out of them with some superglue and custom personalized stuff (I wasn't clear if you were getting things for a specific someone or a general random someone)
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Response by poster: I don't know who the recipient will be; I'm guessing we'll draw letters on the day which is Saturday. Crafting is okay, but there's a time constraint. Same with ordering from Amazon, though we do have Prime, and I can ship it to the house where the gathering is. That should get it there Saturday.
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Is Rick Rolling still a thing? Maybe a plain-ish MP3 player or USB stick with a single file on it.
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Best answer: I would do either a food or medicine theme: Raisinettes, Rolaids, Reeses, etc. google will help
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Roses - the flowers, cut or to plant, or the chocolates if they are available where you are.
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Rock & Roll.
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R for Dummies
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Best answer: Rubix Cube
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reading glasses
Revlon (makeup)
rabbit's foot
rabbit ears (old style TV antenna)
rat tail comb (a comb with a long skinny handle)
rubber bands
pet rock
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Best answer: A 4-pack of Virgil's Root Beer always appeals.
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Rubbers (condoms or erasers. You can find all kinds of cute erasers in office supply stores, dollar stores, Hello Kitty stores, Target, etc.)
Race cars (Matchbox-type cars.)
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R2D2 flash drive! The ~$20 sizes don't seem to be on Prime, but it looks like Walmart may stock them?
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Response by poster: Ended up with Route 11 potato chips, Reeses candy, Rolos and pirate stickers from Cracker Barrel (we were there for breakfast) and added a Rubik's cube and a recorder. I went a little over budget, but it's all fun stuff.

Thanks, all!
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