How do I transform cookies into lasting Christmas tree ornaments?
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How do I turn my gingerbread man cookies into long-lasting Christmas tree ornaments?

My brother and I decorated our gingerbread man cookies with royal icing glaze, and they turned out so awesome, that we want to turn them into permanent tree ornaments for next year. Does anyone have any idea how to coat them and make them more sturdy that we can keep them for use for next year?

I am thinking shellac or resin, but seeing if anyone has experience already doing so.

Thank you!
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I think no matter how you tried to preserve them they might attract pests.

Can you take lots of pictures and then recreate them as cinnamon dough ornaments with acrylic paints?
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I can't tell you how to preserve these because you've already decorated them, and the frosting just won't keep, sorry. But here's how to make ornaments in the future.
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take pics & laminate...?

otherwise, yep, make ornaments per the links from elsietheeel and patheral.
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I think Martha Stewart can help you out.

Less loquaciously, this website says if you spray them with lacquer or shellac and let them dry completely, they'll last for years. (I'd put a little hole in the tops of their heads pre drilling for ribbon/ornament wire.)
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I think Envirotex would work. You probably should coat them with a decoupage first.
Despite the name, Envirotex is not good for the environment or humans- use gloves and a mask
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When I was pregnant, my mom made me a gingerbread man with a little gingerbread-fetus affixed to it, and it has survived for 7+ years with NO intervention on my part (through the ups and downs of Pennsylvania weather). The only things I did were make sure it was good 'n stale, then seal it in a standard-issue Ziploc bag and not jostle it much. Gingerbread is pretty hardy!
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We ended up double-coating with an oil-based laquer. Time will tell if the food coloring will keep or fade, but they did not smear during the coating process, and overall, they look pretty good.
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