Need to find a store in the US to buy a netbook.
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Where is the best brick and mortar store to buy a Windows netbook in the US?

I'm travelling to the States on a ten day trip to visit my sister, and part of her Xmas gift from the family on this side of the pond is a new laptop, which I've promised to help spec out and tailor to her needs.

While I'm familiar with UK stores and brands, I don't know the best place to take her in the US to shop around.

Where in your experience is the best place to go? BestBuy etc? Bonus points if you know somewhere in the Indianapolis area!

(Apple Store recommendations need not apply - while I work with and love Apple technologies, my sister is not similarly inclined - we're kitting her out with a Windows-based device)

Thank you
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Yes, probably BestBuy, Office Depot, Office Max, or Staples, if you're looking for a ubiquitous chain that will most certainly have what you need at a reasonable price, in stock, and convenient to fit into other things you plan to do in Indianapolis.

There are a few smaller regional sources, too, like Fry's on the West Coast and a few other random states, and rarely a fully homegrown one off electronics shop like New York's J&R Computer World.

But for extreme convenience, yeah, BestBuy and that ilk are ubiquitous and perfectly good for what you want.

It might be helpful to know the specific model you're looking for, or at least have a sense of the most important features. Customer service is pretty dismal in these places.
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Be aware that stores like Best Buy make a lots of their money from selling extended warranties for their devices. I'm not sure if you have similar things in the UK, so I thought I'd mention this. Prepare to deflect their sometimes hard-sell pitch.
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Response by poster: Thanks to both of you - I've got a couple of models in mind that I can scope out on their website. Yes, I'm aware of extended warranties and the hard sell, so will make sure I pack my poker face!
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Also, do not allow Best Buy to "optimize" your purchase in any way. This would include insisting on getting an unopened computer still in the box. Best Buy has this very irritating policy of pre-installing all sorts of crapware, anti-virus, and whatnot before purchase, including opening unsold stock.

Insist (to the point of walking out and going elsewhere) that they provide an unopened, unmolested, sealed-in-the-box machine from the manufacturer.
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There's a Fry's in Fishers, IN which is close to Indianapolis.
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Fry's. They sell Lenovo, my goto for PC hardware.
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Staples has sometimes pretty decent deals as well. Just an FYI. I doubt they are as pushy as BB, but be prepared to know what you want.
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You decide what is best for you, but you may want to think of Chromebooks too. Snazzy and with none of the junk that windows computers come with. Google docs instead of Microsoft Word and all that jazz.

(Written from a chromebook.)
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