Sparky's visor, what kind of sunglasses?
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Concerning Tom Tomorrow's Sparky the Wonder Penguin, in This Modern World -- what kind of sunglasses does he wear?

They were available in the late 60s, I remember trying them on in a department store. They came in at least yellow, as well as red; that strip was only about 2-3mm wide. I believe they were also available as late as the early 80s at Trash and Vaudeville (at least, according to their ads in WET Magazine) and the name may have been something like Mysterio?
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Those look like Cylops sunglasses to me (so named for their single vision lens). I see lots on Google. :)
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The X-man's visor is red. Sparky's, like the originals, are true sunglasses, with a dark gray 'lens'.
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I (cough) knew someone in the 80s who had a pair of those. A little googling led me to these. There are some similar slitted-visor sunglasses out there, but I believe these are the closest.
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