Help my sister identify this outtake or live skit.
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Help my sister identify this outtake or live skit. As my sister describes the scene, there's a man eating a sandwich and the sound effects keep getting out of synch. Eventually he turns to the camera/audience and says something along the lines of "You know, I have to eat this whole sandwich."

Other details which may or may not be correct: black and white in front of a live audience. She seems to think that there's supposed to be something inedible in the sandwich like a pearl necklace.
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This sounds like it could have been something by Ernie Kovacs.
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Abbott and Costello!

Diamond necklace, not pearl. But the rest is correct, although the sound effects aren't exactly out of sync, just delightfully over the top.

I've only seen it as part of their "Best of Live" collection (which I owned on VHS as a kid and nearly wore it out). That link isn't the best quality, but was the only one on youtube I could find during my basic attempt at googling. The actual hamburger-with-a-side-of-hilarious-foley-action starts around 1:45:46, with the "I have to finish the whole thing" aside to the audience at around 1:47:32.
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Paisley sheep found it! My sister was overjoyed as she'd been trying to find that scene for years. I had faith in MetaFilter.

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