You never call, you never write. And you never ring.
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Sprint Android smart phone question: the phone rings for essentially all calls except those from one specific number.

Make & model: Nexus S 4G, running Android 4.1.

The reason this matters: this is my husband's phone and the person whose calls don't cause the phone to ring is his mother.

Geographical area his phone is NYC and outlying areas

Geographical area her phone is outlying areas of NYC and completely outside of NYC area. None of these calls are being made or received in areas with poor coverage.

Her number is area code 914 (also fairly local, if that matters) and carrier is AT&T. His is area code 845, Sprint.

His phone sometimes has troubles with other calls as well, but this one number always goes straight to voice mail without ringing.

Any ideas? If more information is needed to solve this, please let me know and I can get that.
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I had this problem on my Android phone (one particular person who could never get through) and it turned out I had somehow accidentally blocked that person using Android's call blocking feature. Check in contacts and see if your mother-in-law's number is blocked.
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Thank you. It was set to "All calls to voice mail" not blocked, but you got me to the right screen, so the problem is solved.

I <3 Metafilter.
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