60's NYE Ball Drop
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I am looking for the best quality video of a TV broadcast of the ball drop in Time Square from any time during the 1960s.

So far I found this video on YouTube, which is fairly blocky. I am wondering if there are any higher quality videos out there. I'd be willing to pay some money for a higher quality source, so if there was some documentary or something that contained a clip, that would be workable as well.

I do not care about the year, as long as it is some time during the 60s.
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You could check the Vanderbilt TV archives. They are not online but if you want it that might be the best source.

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Getty, Corbis, T3Media (reps BBC and CBS News) AP Archive
Vanderbilt's archive has nightly news broadcasts, but their earliest date is 1968. Takes about 2 weeks to get the DVD.
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