t-mobile unlocking in the uk for iphone
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How can I unlock an iphone tied to t-mobile in the UK? I have received as a Christmas present an iphone which is locked to t-mobile. I am currently on an 02 contract that ties me for a further 6 months. Clearly, I would like to use my 02 sim with this iphone, however, when I went to a shop who specialised in phone unlocking, to get it unlocked, I was told that he could not unlock it and that it would take atleast a month to get t-mobile to unlock it. It was also mentioned that the merger of t-mobile in to the new company everything everywhere will probably delay the unlocking further. I am getting the impression that I will be forced to take out a t-mobile contract as it stands. Anyone out there have any recent knowledge about t-mobile unlocking. Many thanks!
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Which iphone do you have? The unlocking process all depends on the model and firmware (4, 4S, 5 etc..) It can all be done at home with simple free tools, you have to jailbreak your phone first though (also free).

I would link you to the information but it depends on your model/firmware..
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Did he say why it would take a month?! According to the t-mobile website:

Yes, you can use another UK or international network's SIM card, but first you'll need a subsidy PIN to unlock your T-Mobile phone so that other SIMs will work in it. If you don't have a subsidy PIN then SIM cards from other networks won't work in your phone.

To get a subsidy PIN, or if you already have one but have entered it incorrectly, please call us on 0845 412 5000.

Sounds like they should give you the number right away.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies! The model is an iphone 4. As the phone is unactivated, itunes will not tell me the firmware version.
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The ultimate unlocking place is this
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Best answer: From looking elsewhere on the internet and weighing up what seems to be reliable, and what seems not to be, I'd say this advice looks the most reasonable: i.e. you don't need the subsidy PIN, but need to get T-Mobile to unlock it (maybe paying them a £15.32 admin fee) and then you sync with iTunes with the O₂ SIM in.
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Ambrosen is right, I had this issue a few months ago, and T-Mobile are the only ones able to do it, for a fee.
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I have no experience with and not even sure if they work, but maybe you can try one of those gevey unlock SIMs? A small wireless shop may carry them and you may able to try it out to see if it works.
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