Nursing Transfers
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Asking for my brother: He is attending a 4 year university for a BSN in nursing.

His program has a policy that a grade of "C" or higher must be earned to continue in the class progression. Students are allowed to get a D or lower and retake one class only. If they earn lower than a C in more than one class, they are kicked out of the nursing program.

My brother now need to retake a nursing class in the fall due to receiving a D. Should he be kicked out of his nursing program, would he be able to transfer into a nursing program at a different school or is there some sort of policy preventing this in BSN granting institutions?
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Did he only receive one D and is this his first D?
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Policies like that totally vary by school. The only people who can answer this question are the admissions officers at the other nursing schools. In general, nursing school is highly competitive.
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It depends on what the policies are of the institution he would be going to. They might take some or all of his credits, or he might have to start over.

His current program might work with him on repeating that one class, basically delaying his graduation date.
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Yeah, it depends on the program into which he'd be applying to transfer. I would not assume that this will be possible. He's probably feeling very discouraged by that D, but the best thing he could do with his energies right now (well, in the fall, anyway) is to man up/buckle down/put nose to grindstone/shoulder to wheel/insert inspirational phrase here and pass the heck out of that class on the second try.
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Classes specific to nursing education are generally not transferable to other schools. Prerequisites generally are.

So, for example, if I had already taken Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Sociology, Introduction to Nursing Practice, and Medical/Surgical Nursing at University X, then decided for whatever reason that I wanted/needed to attend University Y, I would be required to repeat Introduction to Nursing Practice and Medical/Surgical Nursing at University Y regardless of the grade I'd achieved in those classes at University X. All the other classes would transfer provided I'd achieved whatever University Y considered to be a passing grade.

Nursing education suffers from a shortage of professors and there are often long waiting lists for admission, even for the most qualified candidates. Your brother will have a very difficult time gaining admission to another nursing program if he fails out of his current one. His best bet is to pass this class and continue to pass the rest of his classes.
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