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Your idea for ~$125 gift exchange gift that can be bought using Amazon Prime today for arrival tomorrow?

I really did check out the GiftIdeas wiki and the gift and Christmas tags, but saw nothing useful. I'm participating in a gift exchange where the gift value should be near $125. I'd like to order it from Amazon today, using Amazon Prime, and have it arrive tomorrow. The gift should be basically gender neutral -- I consider both kitchen and tools to be gender neutral. Can you help me, hive?
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A little more info /context would be useful please... Adult? Teen? Lover? Grandparent? Geographic destination of gift?
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Wow, $125 is a lot of money so I guess there are a lot of options. How about the Cuisinart Griddler? It's like a fancy George Foreman grill and has been on lots of wedding registry and gift lists I've seen over the past several years.
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Kindle Paperwhite (sans 3G) will run you roughly $125, depending whether there are ads or not.
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Heart_on_Sleeve, the gift will be for an adult family member between 38 and 67 years old in Texas.
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How about a blue-tooth speaker. Jawbone Jambox. Sound anywhere. Comes in four colors.
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Ok. I'm Canadian, so I can't see what is/isn't Prime, but here a a couple:

Kindle was my first thought

How about a pair of hiking poles and a guidebook to hikes/walks in their region? Maybe with a guide to identifying local flora & fauna.

My older friends are all about experiences instead of stuff... A gift certificate to a spa? Enough for a pair of tickets to a concert performance (eg local symphony, classical ensemble). Cooking class?
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Get a reciprocating saw! Something like this, plus an extra set of blades, will set you back about that, and they're amazingly useful, but in my experience, not many people own them, for some reason. It's one of those things that you don't think that you need until you have one and are forced to wonder how you lived without it.

The Kindle Fire is currently going for not much more than that--if you can handwave another $20-$30, that'd be a fantastic gift. (There are also a couple of Android tablets rated three stars or better in the $125-$150 price range.) An actual Kindle would also be great.

A set of food processors--one large, one small, would be $130, and I think that anyone who cooks would be excited by it.

A decent digital camera can be had in that price range, too. (There are others, but my preferred camera is more expensive, and that was the first one I saw that was in the price range and that I'd also heard good things about--I'm not necessarily suggesting that specific one.)
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These are fantastic ideas!
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Apple TV and a $25 iTunes gift card.

Aeropress ($30), conical burr grinder ($70), some whole bean coffee.

"The best $100 earbuds" and an iTunes gift card.
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I ended up buying the Jawbone Jambox. Thanks for the help!
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My husband used Amazon to deliver a gift exchange present to a remote office and they didn't deliver it because he didn't put the floor number. UPS didn't bother to call him to clarify--so make sure you have good address instructions on the package!
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