Identify an Amiga puzzle game
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Amiga game identification filter...

A puzzle game played on a "board" constructed of blocks and tubes, very similar in look and concept to Marble Madness.

The difference: You were 1 of 4(?) selectable characters in a little floating, chugging car who had to maneuvre around the board solving puzzles(?) and gain access to large glass funnel entrances which would then sook you in, squash you, and fire you down glass pipes to the next area of the game. I remember being highly impressed with the animation at those parts. In fact both the graphics and animation were of a high standard at the time.

The game was like Marble Madness with elements of those puzzles where you turn mirrors to face each other at angles and guide a lazer through a maze. That's about all I can remember, I'm sure it was a game in it's own right rather than "Marble Madness 6" or "Extreme Marble Madness."
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Is it Airball? This is driving me nuts, because it sound vaguely familiar. Check these screenshots - is it one of these games?
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Response by poster: That's a great site (Nebulus, wow!) but looking at the relevant names, it's none of those. I have come across Airball (and more bizarrely "Sphere Madness") in the hunt for this, and while they look similar, they're not the game. There was definitely a controllable character in this game, and it may not have featured balls at all.

This shot of Marble Madness with tubes looks very like it.
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Best answer: I have no idea then. A guy here at work said to ask if it was Mindwalker or Escape from...the Planet of the Robot Monsters, or something like that. Please post here if you find the answer, though, because I need to know!
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I've asked your question over on - I'll post the responses back here...
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Response by poster: Thanks Chunder, but iconomy got it, it is Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters. What an awesome game. It appears that I mixed up memories of it and other games, but it is definitely the main one I was thinking of. Thanks!
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... also trying - someone, somewhere will know! :-)
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Oops - OK! (Should have previewed...!)
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I'll give my co-worked a check mark, then ;) I'm glad you got your answer.
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