Good inexpensive keyboard for Kindle 8.9 tablet?
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Looking for recommendations on a low end keyboard for the Kindle Fire 8.9 HD model. Hoping to get something on sale $30-40 (and i do realize this limits quality a bit...). I need to order it today if possible. Again, not expecting any whiz-bang but something rather basic and simply functional.
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I've got this one, which is a little over $40, but which works great and comes with a case that doubles as a tablet stand.
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Here to second Apropos of Something's suggestion. That logitech keyboard is excellent, and worth the additional $10 to the top of your price range if you can swing it.
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You could try a USB 2.0 female to USB micro male cable for about 5-10 bucks and then use any USB keyboard you have. I use one for my android phone and tablet all the time.
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A note about M Edward's suggestion: I'd Google around before you went out and bought anything specific. That solution is dependent upon software support, and while I know that almost always works on Android 4.2 on a Nexus tablet, the Kindle HD runs a slightly different version of Android.
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