Help Me Stay On Top of Current Literature in 2013!
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Help Me Stay On Top of Great Literature in 2013!

I am committed in the coming year to read the New Hotness in Books and stay current on what's seizing the Zeitgeist on the national shelves. Help me by offering your advice on the best sources to keep track of new developments in literature from all sources - bestsellers, indie, cutting-edge controversial, nonfiction, etc.
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Best answer: The Morning News Tournament of Books, every year in March.
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I always keep an eye on Amazon's Best Books of the Month. They aren't all always to my taste but a fair number of them are.
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Read The Millions every week or so.
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Best answer: The Millions. (Beaten in preview...heartily seconded!)
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The Millions, yeah!
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Best answer: Some others:

The Times Literary Supplement
Indie Next List
New York Review of Books (not affiliated with the New York Times, but you could check their book reviews too...)
NPR's book section
Three Percent (review of translated books)
Bookslut (book review site)
Raintaxi (book review site)

If you've got any decent bookstores within driving distance, try periodically scanning their featured books tables or shelves. Also, if you read a book next year that you really like, Googling the title can turn up interesting blogs written by people with similar tastes to yours.
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Go directly to Vol. 1 Brooklyn. Then go to Arts & Letters Daily.
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KCRW's "Bookworm" program.
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Oh, and: monthly books section
Los Angeles Review of Books
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The Complete Review.
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The Rumpus.
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Books on the Nightstand podcast

Oh, also on GoodReads you can follow people with tastes similar to yours and see what they're reading, and also browse lists of upcoming books in different genres.
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Best answer: Sign up for Library Journal's Prepub Alert newsletter to find out what new titles are coming up.
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The Tournament of Books happens in March, but you can start early! The list for March 2013 was just published this morning.
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Arts and Letters Daily

As a librarian, for reviews of new books I use Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews (my personal favorite: they are not afraid to get sassy!), and Booklist.

A more reader/book group/consumer-friendly magazine is Book Page.
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