What's the best way to sell event tickets that I don't need?
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What's the best way to sell event tickets that I don't need?

I was an idiot and, in a flurry of ticket-buying today, inadvertently managed to buy four tickets to an event instead of the two that I needed. (I ended up buying two tickets twice.) What's the best way to get rid of them? Selling them for face value + Ticketmaster fees is fine with me. The event isn't sold out yet, but may eventually be.

What's the best way to do this? Craigslist? eBay? Standing outside the venue holding the extra ducats aloft? Posting on my little-read blog? Bugging Matt for MetaFilter Marketplace?
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eBay's worked fine for me in the past. Just add to the shipping charges to defray the fees eBay charges you.
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Make sure that you check the legality of selling the tickets at above face value. Ebay has a lot of restrictions about what you can/can't to. I've had excellent luck with craigslist.
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Duh. I totally missed your [more inside]. It you're selling them at face value I'd still vote for craigslist. Post them and if you don't sell them in a day or two then go with Ebay.
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I've sold tickets on eBay... worked great. Unless the event is too soon to mail tickets, of course.
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It's not just ebay's restrictions. Each state has its own laws about this stuff. IIRC, in California, there are no restrictions on how much you can resell tickets for, but you cannot sell them within X distance from the venue. Hence, the guys selling Dodger tickets at the bottom of the hill instead of in the parking lot. Some states allow you to resell tickets for $5 over face value.

I have read about some tickets scams on ebay lately, so people might be wary. Are they good seats to a sold-out show? Maybe you could sell them to a ticket broker in your area, since you just want to get what you paid for them.
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I've bought and sold tickets multiple times through Craigslist with no problems. Usually I just sell at face value and eat the TM fees as a price for my own scatterbrainedness.
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I've sold tickets for face value + fees on craigslist with no problems. There will be a receipt that comes along with the tickets, in case anyone doubts how much you paid. But I've never had anyone question it, everybody knows the basic fees.
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StubHub: Where fans buy and sell tickets!

I've never used them but they advertise on the radio.
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eBay bit me in the butt, I go craigslist.
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So, what's the event? I would sell the tickets at the venue. You would be assured a fan got them instead of a reseller who would jack the price and eliminate your good intent. Also, unless these are GA, wouldn't you rather have some choice in who gets to sit next to you? Even if the show isn't sold out, your tickets would likely be better than any available. What's with the hard tix anyway Vidiot, aren't you usually on the list? ;)
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Does anybody know about the website www.bstickets.com or has anybody used them
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