Where to buy potpourri offline?
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Where's a good place to buy a large-ish (1-3 gallons) quantity of potpourri offline? Most department stores and such only seem to sell it in tiny bags.
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Perhaps a craft-store or garden centre? somewhere selling the potpourri to people to put in crafts.
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Craft stores, absolutely. My local Michael's sells potpourri in huge bags.
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Pier One also used to sell bigass bags of potpourri, but I haven't been there in years. World Market, too. And maybe Ikea?
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Michaels, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby, for sure. Look online for coupons!
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Some of the big bags are wood shavings, dyed and scented, plus some petal, leaves and seed pods. Can you get dried flower petals? Potpourri is easy to make. Petals, leaves, citrus peel, seed pods, etc. plus essential oils, plus a scent fixative, like orris root. also, ebay.
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