model.where(:name => "string) INTERNAL ERROR!!! No attribute exists!
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In Rails, I'm using a model to represent a database view. I'm getting an error when I try to search on an attribute. (gist).

Not sure why this is happening, especially the fact that model.where(:attribute => "string") has an error but model.where("attribute = ?", "string") does not. Anyone run into this before? I haven't used a model to represent a view before, only to represent a table.
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It looks like ActiveRecord can't read column information from the DB/view. What database are you using? What happens if you call
Morphology::MatrixView.reset_column_information ?
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Using postgres.

(rdb:24) Morphology::MatrixView.reset_column_information

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Try these two commands and compare the generated SQL. It might point you in the right direction. I'm assuming you're using Rails 3+

Morphology::MatrixView.where(:name => 'anex').to_sql

Morphology::MatrixView.where("name = ?", "anex").to_sql
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Heres the output problem from the logger Looks like it might have something to do with MetaWhere gem. I've tried googling (and stackoverflow) for other people with problems with sql views and metawhere but haven't been able to find anything meaningful.

(ndfine, the error on the to_sql method is the same as the error linked in this gist)
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debugger inside metawhere (def attribute_from_column_and_table(column,table))

case column
(rdb:2) column
(rdb:2) table
Arel::Table:0xc45b300 @name="morphology_matrix_view", @engine=ActiveRecord::Base, @columns=nil, @aliases=[], @table_alias=nil, @primary_key=nil
(rdb:2) table[column]

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I don't think that views appear in pg_tables, do they? Views are in pg_views.
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You're correct, sbutler.
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Ok I found a hack to fix it.

Thanks for everyone's help. We've been using this view for a while but only recently implemented searching which showed the error.

I swear I spent at least 30-45 minutes googling and searching stackoverflow
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