Cant get Modem to Install
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I am trying to install a 56K modem card from a PC that ran Windows XP onto a PC that runs Windows 7. The card used either the LSI (Agere) driver or the Intel sep 536ep driver. I've found Windows 7 versions (64 bit) of both drivers and both are saved to my new PC.

But I can't get either of them to install so that they show up in a list of drivers. One tells me to unzup the file, which I do, and nothing happens. The other says it is installing but again, nothing happens. Nothing meaing (1) neither modem shows up in the list of modems under the Phone and Modem tab in the Control Panel, or (2) the telephone software doesn't see the card, which is supposed to be for voice/fax. What am I doing wrong?
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What version of Windows 7 are you running? 32- or 64-bit?
posted by Blazecock Pileon at 11:50 PM on December 16, 2012

Go to the device manager and click the properties for the modem. That should let you specifically choose a device driver.

FWIW there are lots of cheap USB modems.
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Spitballing, but does Win 7 even recognise a modem that old?

If you really want to run it, a virtual machine might be workaround.
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FWIW there are lots of cheap USB modems.

Many of those (be sure to check!) are even true, hardware modems that shouldn't require a driver.
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Response by poster: 64-bit.
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