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Looking to make a video time capsule with my friends. What questions should I ask, what should we put in it.

For New Years, I am travelling to a cabin with my dog, my girlfriend, and three other good friends. We've been prompted to make something that will commemorate the year, or this point in time.

I think it'd be great to do a video time capsule. I'm trying to imagine what this would be though. I think for sure I'd like to answer some simple questions. Nothing too aspirational (no talk to yourself in 10 years type of thing), but more matter-of-fact about everyday life at the end of 2012 in the midwestern United States. A nice slice of life. Music, objects, talking, etc.

I could use some help, what should this video entail? I've looked through the other time capsule questions, and there's some good suggestions about physical objects. And maybe any suggestions how to hide this away for 20 years.

I have a cannon 7d, and decent amateur editing skills.

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Basically, think of all the stuff about your own past that makes you laugh.

What is the highest tech gadget that you own? What does it do?

Show me your favorite pair of jeans. Are they trendy?

Best movie you saw in the theater this year.

The one video game that you can't put down.

What do you think of Nebraska joining the Big Ten?

Who did you vote for in the last election and why?

What changes do you think will happen in the next 20 years for society in general?

Name one thing that you will never, ever, ever do.

Name one thing that you will FOR sure do within your lifetime.
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Digital file formats will have changed drastically 20 years from now - imagine if 2012 you was stuck with a floppy disk time capsule from 1992 you. Maybe make a note on your calendar for 2018 or so to migrate the file to a newer format, and then again in 2023 & 2028.
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The only way to get a slice of life is to just put the camera in the corner while you are all eating dinner or something. Don't try too hard.
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Speaking of technology, maybe have someone empty their bag/purse/whatever. Or do a tour of all the chargers you've brought. Presumably when The Future happens, things will all use the same plug or gadgets will do more things, thus necessitating fewer chargers.
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