Time for a delicious rhubarb cocktail
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What to do with my Rhubarb Schnapps?

I made some rhubarb schnapps from a Nigella Lawson recipe (600 g chopped rhubarb, 300 g sugar, 1 L vodka, let steep several weeks). I've now had it around for about a year. It's a little too vegetal to drink straight, but it's not bad.

Since I haven't made any headway in drinking it, I'm considering giving it away tonight at a white elephant gift exchange. But I wanted to try one last time to come up with a good cocktail to use it in. Any suggestions?

Fwiw, my tastes lean toward gin and rum, and away from whiskey (but my husband might drink a not-too-sweet whiskey cocktail made with this).
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It might be fabulous in a sauce with strawberries. Something poured over a spongey cake.
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Best answer: Gin, rhubarb schnapps, and some muddled strawberries sounds pretty ideal to me. Maybe a mint leaf or something?

Cake vodka is a thing and would probably be delightful with your schnapps and tonic or soda or something fizzy like that.
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it sounds like it might go well in an herbal sort of direction? Sub for part of the lemon and syrup in something like this?
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Best answer: we make what we call the Rhubarbara: 2 oz tequila, 3/4 oz rhubarb/ginger syrup, 3/4 oz cointreau, lime juice, which is quite delicious. You could sub in the schnapps, but you'd probably need to add a splash of simple syrup for balance.
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Went right to strawberries as well.

So perhaps a Strawberry/Rhubarb daquari? Get frozen strawberries, some simple syrup and your schnapps. Perhaps a splash of rum? A zing of lime. You're in business.
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I've had some delicious cocktails with rosemary/rhubarb syrup and gin (with citrus). So I vote you try the herbal route.
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It might work in chocolate ganache (this recipe calls for dark rum, but I usually use kirsch or orange liqueur ), say in truffles (substitute your liqueur instead of Kirsch) or as a frosting/icing for a cake (like Angel Food Cake), cookies, or other pastry.
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Best answer: I second ldthomps; consider mixing it with gin and garnish with rosemary as long as you're not a martini purist. Or alternately, make up some lemonade (fresh, so that you don't have to use the crazy over-sweetened stuff) and add your schnapps and a few springs of fresh rosemary, then filter before drinking.
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Oh yeah, love a g&t with rhubarb syrup and lime. Yumm.
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I use my schnapps for over ice cream.

Is good.
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I make lots of infusions, and I drink almost all of them with club soda.
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Response by poster: Yum yum yum. Thanks for all the suggestions!
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My favorite summer drink is the Crowd Scene*, which is a slug of rhubarb-infused vodka, a glug of lemonade, seltzer and ice in a mason jar.

*so-called because movie extras in crowd scenes were once upon a time told to murmur "rhubarb rhubarb"!to generate background noise.
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