Looking for a painting I once borrowed from a library
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Painting filter: can you help me track down a painting? I borrowed it from a local public library years ago (they have since stopped loaning out art, don't know why) and can't recall the title or artist.

Here's what I do remember. It is the view from the inside of a building, most likely a barn, through a large open door. It is snowing and there is a man with his back to the viewing, standing and watching the snow. The colors are very muted, grey, dark green, more grey. I get the impression that there may have been a courtyard, and for some reason I also think that it is colonial era (if not when it was painted, then the era being painted). In my memory, it feels almost like a Wyeth, but I don't see it in any inventory. The overall effect is very calming and comforting. I'd love to buy a print for mrMyrtle, but I have to find it first. thanks for suggestions
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So....was it a print (in which case it might be something like a Wyeth) or an actual painting?

If a painting, it was probably a copy, or maybe an original by an artist not well known. Art loaning by libraries has become very rare.
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Sorry for the confusion -- the library loaned out prints of paintings, mostly by famous artists. I remember also borrowing a Van Gogh and a Hopper.
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Even if the library doesn't loan art out any more they may have the catalog data. This might be a great question for one of the reference librarians.
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This isn't an exact match for your description, but Andrew Wyeth's Outpost is similar to what you've described, except that the person is facing the viewer, not looking away.
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Yay! that's exactly the one, jessypie! Thank you so much -- apparently, my mind tricked me. Thanks for doing a better search for Wyeth than I was able to. Yay! Now I might have time to buy one for my husband.
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