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It's time for another edition of Name That Font! I have two examples--I'm not sure if they're the exact same font, but they're a similar style, and I would be happy with anything that's close to these examples (example 1, example 2). What the Font isn't helping because the letters are connected so it can't recognize individual letters. And....go!
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Not exact, but Rebecca Script is pretty close. So is Neonoir. I separated the letters before submitting to WTF.
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The closest I came was Liorah or Carpenter Script, but neither are exact matches.
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handsome pro, while not the same as your samples, is a cursive, monoweight handwriting font with loops on its ascenders and descenders.
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Thanks guys. So far I think gladly's samples are closest, but I'd love something with a more spread-out look to it.
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Signerica is a little harder to read than your example, but is pretty similar overall. It's an extremely wide monoline script.

Giuliano Handwriting not quite as wide, but has a pretty similar character.
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