How Can I Get Bulk Email Under Control at My University?
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Looking for a bulk email service that features multiple logins to a central "account," central list management, templates, scheduling...and anything else I'm missing. But mostly the first two things.

Yes, I get it: bulk email is the devil. But I work in higher education, and people around here love newsletters like a mefite loves snowflake details.

The email elves have gotten out of hand here, and we're trying to implement some kind of tool to get it under control. We need people or departments across campus to be able to log in with a unique user ID, select from a series of templates that we create, populate the email with content, select a list and time, and send.

We want to control this centrally so if some alum says "don't send me any more emails," they don't get any more emails from rogue factions. We'd also like to enforce some kind of communications calendar, so if there's a solution that includes a workflow where only certain accounts have the ability to say "okay, go ahead and send this," that'd be even better.

What's worked for you? Is homegrown the only way to do this?
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Emma was basically designed for you. It has every feature you asked for, and more. You may have to talk to a sales rep but they're good people.

Disclaimer: I used to work there on the engineering team.
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MailChimp is a really popular option right now. Using Account Keys you can offer multiple user logins.
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I work in higher Ed and your newsletters and bulk emails make me crazy with inbox rage.

Make sure you make "unsubscribe" a prominent option or people like me will mark you as spam.
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spitbull, I have the same rage, which is why I want centralized lists to give users an option to not receive some/all emails.

sgo, I have a MailChimp account, but didn't know about Account Keys. Interesting.

zrail, Emma looks interesting. Will put it on the list to pass up the chain.
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Seconding Emma.
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I vastly prefer Campaign Monitor to MailChimp.
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