Bladdered bat book...?
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What's this novel? I just got a reference request to identify the book/series that has vampires and "bats with big bladders under their bellies". Vampire books are not my forte. Complete question inside. Help?

Question as I received it:

"he is looking for a book with wrymfrees or wrymfries or wrymfres----big bats with big bladders under their bellies; their owners are vampires and humans jump from one parallel to another by using a black hole in the wall. They go out and kill the vampires and bats before they cross over. He knows there are at least 2 books in the series."

Knowing the tastes of this particular library patron, he doesn't normally ask for vampire-related fiction; he's more into Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms and other series fantasy, so it's possible this is less "current vampire fiction" and more "esoteric fantasy from recent past decades". Google searches on the purported name of the bats are yielding dead ends with all creative spellings, and I am loathe to even try to navigate the world of vampire books out there. Any pointers would be helpful--don't feel you need to provide a full bibliographic record!
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Best answer: This sounds a lot like Brian Lumley's Necroscope series, particularly the latter books where an alternate vampire world is discovered. The name of the vampires in question are Wamphyri.
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Response by poster: Not to threadsit, but to let others know: I have forwarded the Necroscope wiki article link to this person's library contact who sent me the request. Assuming she is at work today (I have no idea) hopefully she will be able to run it by the patron soon and see if it rings a bell. In the meantime, thanks to robocop for the idea; I honestly can't tell whether this is the correct answer, so if others have ideas, keep 'em coming.
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