Is there an app that will put photos onto my iPad?
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Is there an app out there that will dump a bunch of clip art into my iPad's photo album?

I think I'm asking for something that doesn't exist, but I hope I'm wrong.

I'm a speech therapist and there are some great therapy apps out there that allow you to make you own activities and games, but want to take photos from your camera roll or photo stream. I'd rather not spend time taking pictures of random objects in my house.

I'd like an app that will come pre-loaded with lots of pictures of common objects, and will just dump those pictures into a photo album on my iPad. My dream app would have photos, but good drawings are okay. Common objects and animals would be better than, say, famous landmarks and exotic food.

Does such an app exist?
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You don't need an app. Connect your iPad to your computer and you can sync the computer's album to the iPad.

Find your clipart collection or use a picture encyclopedia, then transfer it via iTunes and there you are.
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Yeah, in iTunes, connect the iPad, go to the device, the photos tab, and add the folder of images to the sync.

I use an app called Minimal Folio to build image sequences, but it is some configuration, sounds like you'd be happy with just an album in Photos
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Best answer: A few apps that might be close to what you're looking for. Maybe look for related apps.

English Picture Dictionary

ABC House

Picture dictionary

TJ's Picture Dictionary


Kids English Starter
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Certainly using a photo albulm is a good way to accomplish this though this is the sort of thing I use dropbox for.
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Response by poster: I used the English Picture Dictionary app and will take screenshots as needed to get the pics into my photo album. So many clear photos in one it!
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Don't want to hijack the thread, but: Is there any way to "export" these pre-loaded images in these apps to an album in iTunes? Or can these images be accessed by another app?
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Response by poster: If you take screenshots it will go into your camera roll, where they can be accessed by other apps.
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