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Revolting Pregnancy Stuff Filter: Stomach acid has ripped my throat to shreds and I need some easy home remedies to soothe the burn.

"Morning" sickness my pasty arse. I've had a very vomity day today, and while I'm managing enough water that I'm not likely to need hospitalisation, I have thrown up enough in the last few hours that my throat is basically a big red horrible tube of pain.

I'm not having much luck googling about for remedies that are specifically just for acid irritated throats. Most seem to be targeting cold and flu related sore throats and I've read suggestions that include lemon, cinnamon and pepper, and I can't imagine the world of hurt those three are going to cause on the irritated tissue. Furthermore, strong flavours (especially pepper and cinnamon) have been repeating on me and lead to vomiting even on calm days.

It's nearly 2am Friday night where I am, so I'm limited to crap I already have round the house.

Help me out, guys. Any pro tips regarding dealing with vomit in the sinuses too would be great. (Yah. It's that awesome.)

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Gargling with a weak baking soda and saline solution can help neutralize the acid. Hope you feel better soon!
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Offf. Sorry you're dealing with this.

What about honey for your throat? In some kind of tea, or just in warm water?
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Do you have any honey? Warm/hot water and honey can be helpful.
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Drink a teaspoon of baking soda in 8 oz of water. You will burp like crazy for a few minutes, but this will neutralize the acid.
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A saline flush wil get the vomity smell out of your sinuses. You can just do this with salt and room temperature water, and you do not have to make it very salty. Put it in a small cup or cap and tip your head back and pour it in.
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(Also, if the vomiting is a result of the acid, and not really morning sickness, call the doctor and get a prescription for something. I can't remember which one I'm on, but I take it twice a day, and if I don't, even just water results in horrible acid pain and eventual vomiting.)
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Use an antacid mouth wash, gaviscon or mylanta to neutralize the ph levels. Use it as a mouthwash everytime your sick. That and salt water with the baking soda.

The saline nose wash is also a good idea!

Make sure you get some hydration salts tomorrow and start sipping them slowly throughout the day.
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Suck - don't chew - on Tums (or another normally-chewable calcium supplement). Plus side: the calcium's good for you, and as long as you don't crunch up an entire bottle, they're really quite safe.
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In the US there is a drug called Carafate - it's basically super powered Mylanta. I know you're stuck with what you have around the house, but first thing in the AM you should call your doctor. 1) you need to be seen to assess the need for fluids and 2) the doc can prescribe something to help with the vomitting and help with the acid burn.

For now, even just sipping some milk (if you can stomach it) will help neutralize the acid. I can't image keeping baking soda solution down if you're that pukey. I hope you feel better soon!!
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Also, if you do decide to flush your sinuses, use distilled water or boil some water and then cool it before use. There are lots of nasties in tap water that you DO NOT want to be putting up your sinuses.
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Been there, done that. So sorry you're going through it. The good news: there IS an end date! No matter what, when the baby comes, you'll be done with it!

I found that drinking water helped immensely when it came to vomiting. I mean, you're going to throw up anyway, you might as well not just be throwing up stomach acid. Not pleasant either way. And if you can't manage a glass of water, ice chips are your friend. Don't chew them, just suck on them. Keeps you hydrated without filling your belly.

For the current burn, try sucking on some hard candies if you have them. If you don't, maybe a teaspoon of honey would help.

Protip for vomity sinuses: plug your nose when you vomit. Squeeze your nostrils together during the entire episode and don't let go until you're sure you're done. Some of it will still get into your sinus cavity but it's not nearly as bad as leaving your nostrils open. When you're done, try a steam session. Boil some water, take it off the heat, and drape a towel over your head while you breathe in the steam. For some reason, it really takes the edge off the smell.

One last thing: if your morning sickness gets really bad (hyperemesis gravidarum!) talk to your doctor about meds to take.
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I would have a glass of milk before brushing my teeth (prime pregnancy throw-up time), and that seemed to help neutralize the stomach acid.
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I saw my obstetrician today, and I'm pretty much fine with regards to hydration. We're in the early throws of summer over here in Oz so I've been watching my water incomings and outgoings and we're good on the hydration front. Really, it's more a fucking irritation at this point. I've been getting steadily worse as the weather has warmed, and I'm only at 12 weeks. C'est la vie. Bring on July. My mother, who had 40 solid weeks of hurling thanks to yours truly, has been very gently pointing out what goes around, comes around...

I've been prescribed Maxolon for bad days, but there's this fun thing where my gag reflex is having such a fit today that the eeny weeny pill goes down, and then basically comes back up again.

Tried milk and honey first up and that did help. The baking soda though was fucking magic. Things are still a bit tingly, but a hell of a lot better than it was.

cooker girl: Hah, yeah, I've taking to basically sipping water constantly, but as soon as that "AND YEA, WE SHALL CHUNDER" feeling hits me I knock back a glass or two of water, makes a huge difference by preventing that lovely wracking dry heaves business, also much easier on the sinus.
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There is an enzyme in pineapple (and papaya) that helps with stomach acid. I had terrible, terrible heartburn when I was pregnant, and smoothies with pineapple were pretty much all I could handle for months. Do you have any canned pineapple?
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One thing you might consider if you have any amount of warning or predictability over when you're going to be throwing up is to pre-dose with a liquid antacid. A few big swigs directly from a bottle of Mylanta even as little as 5 minutes before throwing up can do a lot to neutralize the acid and prevent burn.
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Marshmallow root is pretty great for this. You can find it at many health food type places or places where you'd find spices or woo type shops with herbs. To make an infusion of it, fill a jar about 1/4 full (by volume) of the root and then cover it with lukewarm water to fill the rest of the jar. Leave at room temperature for at least four hours or overnight and then you should get a viscous light brown liquid.

If you drink or swill that it will have the same kinds of throat coating properties of honey but much much more effective and less sugary, if you add peppermint it will taste better.
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Baking soda is idea, but milk is probably second best for neutralizing acid. It's especially good if you are out of the house and baking soda is less accessible.
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Yeah but horking milk is eight million times worse than horking a dilute baking soda mixture.

Hey OP, look for Galeffi Effervescent in your local shops. It's an effervescent bicarb mixture that you stir into a glass of cool water. It makes a pleasant lemony fizzy drink that settles the tummy.

Actually we like to just put the crystals on our tongues because it's kind of like Pop Rocks for grown ups. We usually have a jar sitting around the house.
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My dentist suggested swishing with slightly salty water post-vomit in order to rinse acid off my teeth (I did a bit of damage while I was pregnant). Warmish water with honey is probably your best bet, or icypoles. I drank a lot of cold water with honey and lemon while pregnant (Melbourne summer, during the big heatwave a few years back), and those kid's icy poles. The freeze helps your throat feel better and it's just a little more sustenance.
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I chewed ice for the last three months of my pregnancy due to nasty heartburn. Kept me hydrated as well as soothed my throat temporarily. Staying hydrated is super, super important.
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I had a gastric reflux issue for some time, and I found that ginger was quite soothing on my sore throat.

Slice some ginger up fine - about 3cm worth. Boil it in a litre of water for about 15 minutes. Pour into glass, add fresh lemon juice and honey to taste.
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My father swears by bananas for gastric reflux issues.
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