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I'm looking for a Manhattan gym that either has no treadmill time limits, or so many treadmills that it doesn't matter.

And yes, I realize I can run outside, but it's cold and dark and sometimes I am just not motivated.
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where do you go now? And when? I've never been kicked off a treadmill (23rd street New York Health and Racquet club) but I use the treadmill later in the evening (8ish).
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It depends on location and time of day, tbh. The Equinox on Greenwich Avenue either has no restrictions or they are never enforced, but I have personally never had to wait for a treadmill or elliptical (weekdays ~7am), and I have never seen anyone else waiting for one.
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At the moment I run in Central Park, after work. I should have mentioned I'm not willing to wake up early.
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The Reebok Sports Club on the UWS has dozens of treadmills.

It's one of the more expensive gyms in Manhattan, though.
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Is buying one for your home an option?
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Because if you buy one for your house (I'm envisioning a Manhattan Studio so I'm thinking no) go to the Sears Outlet. We got a NordicTrack Treadmill with iFit for $450. LOVE that mo-fo.
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We have a small 1BR, so no. :(
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I have been at Equinox for eight years and have never waited and never been kicked off the treadmill. Classes have gotten fill and there is often line for the shower at lunch time 42nd street.
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I go to Crunch at Union Square. I usually go in the evenings after work and I always see free treadmills. If there is a time limit, I've never seen it enforced.
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I didn't even know this was a thing! Definitely not at Crunch, where I've been a member in the past, or Equinox, where I am now. (If you look at Equinox, btw, their rates change every month right now, so be careful when you join.)
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They will probably do a post-holiday special rate joining thingy after NYE, they do it every year for the resolutioners.
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I've never had to wait for anything at Equinox - but I can tell you the most dead times I've seen are 2-4pm on a weekday and around 4-6pm on a saturday.
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