cases/covers for series 7 tablet
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Are there any third-party cases/covers for the Samsung Series 7 tablet?

There's a Samsung Series 7 tablet at work, and the cases/covers from Samsung aren't very appealing. Looking for something that's slim, offers a little protection, has a cover that opens like a book, that type of thing. But really I'd be interested to hear of any third-party options that exist.
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There's one on Etsy, made by the seller senhouse1.
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I was just at radio shack looking for a case for my Samsung and found a few really ugly (IMHO) cases from LogiTech, CaseLogic, and other vendors I can't remember. The big thing seems to be generic 7 inch tablet cases- that's the name-phrase they go by online and in person- that fit a variety of brands.

My problem is that many seem to have just cheap thin elastic straps holding the tablet down. It seems like they would slip out too easily! CaseLogic had some where you click a hard plastic snap around the tab, and logitech has the kind where you slide the tablet into a cloth sleeve inside a book- like case.
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