Buying Dreidels in London?
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[HanukkahFilter] Where can I buy a few dreidels in London, UK?

I'm looking for stores that sell simple wooden dreidels. Anywhere in zones 1 or 2 is fine, though central London or Lambeth are best.

My plan is to go to Golders Green if I can't find them anywhere else. If I do, which shops should I visit?
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Steimatzky's, 46 Golders Green Road London, Greater London NW11 8LL - not too far from the station on GG Road. If you walk further down the street, there's a store called Jerusalem the Golden which I think may have a greater selection.

You can also go up Finchley Road toward Temple Fortune - there are some Judaica stores that way too.

Also, you can check the charity stores along the street - I see dreidels in the windows all the time.
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Central London or Lambeth are long shots. I'm sure that any of the Judaica shops in Golders will be fine (along Russell Parade) and the bookshop (Steimatzky) will probably have some. They'll all be closed not long after lunch tomorrow of course.

I ordered this on Amazon but it wasn't on Prime and took 4 days to arrive in Finchley so probably not useful. Oh wait - out of stock in any event. These for next year perhaps?
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I'm not too familiar with the zones, but the Chabad Lubovitch folks have all kinds of cool stuff.

395 Eastern Avenue | Ilford, IG2 6LR | England

116 Victoria Drive
London, SW19 6PS England

Absolutely Matanot

They have a beautiful Noah's Ark dreidel. They don't list an address, but here's a phone number: 0845 607 6593

Divrei Kodesh

13 Edgwarebury Lane

This looks like a good bet, they're open late tonight and they're at the Edgware station.

Here's an on-line source. Although if you need them for Saturday, they may not be able to over-night them for you.

If you go to Golders Green, gift shops and book stores would be your best bet.

I'm absolutely gob-smacked that you have to go to a Judaica store to find a simple dreidel. Even in the Southeastern US, the buckle of the Bible Belt, I can get them in grocery stores and big-box retailers.

Remember to get Gelt and Rasins and Nuts so kids can play.
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If you can't find any in Golders Green, you might want to take a wander around Stamford Hill. I've seen a few gift shops along the main road that might have what you're looking for.
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I used to live in Stamford Hill and there are a couple of toy and gift shops in the main shopping area that I imagine would have some.
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Thanks all! I ended up cycling from Lambeth to Golders Green (10+ miles!) where, as you all noted, there were dreidels of all shapes and sizes. Also some excellent bagels.

Happy Hannukah/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Etc.
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