Is the mouse lobby strong-arming southpaws into switching?
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Are there any mice that have a tilt-wheel and some lefty-specific buttons? That's all I need!

The Logitech MX610 was my go-to lefty mouse for years, even with its annoying wireless interference issues. Looks like it has been discontinued. Is there ANY mouse on the market these days with:
1. Tilt wheel
2. Additional thumb buttons (i.e. fwd/back) on the right side of the unit
3. That's it!

I recently tried out the Evoluent lefty mouse and Razer lefty, but the buttons the former were too sensitive and no tilt wheel on either, which I use all the time to switch between application windows, tabs, palettes etc. Thanks in advance!
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Have you considered switching to a trackball? As a fellow lefty, I struggled with the default mouse options for years (yes I used to use a right-handed mouse with my left hand).

I do miss the scroll wheel a tiny bit, but the Kensington Expert Mouse has enough buttons for me. And the ergonomics more than make up for the lack of a scroll wheel.

Other than that, I got nothin'.
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Newegg has refurbished, wireless Logitech M510 mice that would fit your criteria. But otherwise it seems like you don't have that many options.
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