Is there such a thing as a fashion related charity?
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Is there such a thing as a fashion related charity?

I will be wrapping my workmate's Christmas presents and asking for a donation for charity. I work in fashion, so would like the charity to be fashion related in some way.

My ideal would be a charity that works with women in third world countries who make clothing or textiles, and actual projects that help specific people, not just general activism.

In in Australia, but I'm not too fussed where the charity is based, as long as it is reputable, and can take credit card payments online.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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Dress For Success?
We provide free professional attire and styling to help our clients build their self-esteem and economic independence. While our goal is to assist women into employment, we welcome women who may have to dress formally for court appearances, visits to a child’s school or to any event that requires professional clothing.

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Do you have something like Working Wardrobes? They give people clothes to wear to job interviews.
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I know that People Tree is popular with a lot of designers.
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How about Nest? It's a non-profit that helps women artisans produce and sell goods. I've worked with them in the past, and they're fantastic.
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Model Alliance does advocacy work for models (in the fashion industry).

Your local nonprofit university may have a Fashion Design program, putting money towards their scholarship program may be appealing.

Fashion Fights Poverty
is a bit glitzy but has a decent record.

Here is a list of Australian clothing-related charities.

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In Canada, we have a great organization called Fashion Takes Action - I'm not sure if there's an Australian equivalent.
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You could also use Kiva for this. The loans can be sorted by clothing loans and the concept is to get small businesses started or help them expand.
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You want The Social Studio
Good in every way.
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Thanks everyone for the great suggestions... now I've just got to choose which one to go with!
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