How do I ask my manager for connections for a new job in a new city without killing my chances for a promotion?
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How do I ask my manager for connections for a new job in a new city without killing my chances for a promotion?

Long story short, I have a pretty good hunch that my manager is also on the prowl for a new job due to some happenings in the workplace. Those details are less relevant, but one time during our scheduled 1:1, I was subtle and suggested that I wanted to live in City X at some point in time in the future and he had mentioned how people in our group know people in that city, including himself (i.e. he can introduce me to people for job connections).

Well, the kiss of death (in terms of promotions) in our group comes when it becomes known that you are looking for a way out (whether it be through a new job search, or that you're planning on going to business school). Once management learns this, your chances of getting promoted essentially become nil.

So, the tricky part is that while I would like to start making moves for a new job in City X by the summer of 2013, I don't know how to go about this without ruining my chances for a promotion come summer time, which is when promotions take place.

For what it's worth, I'm an entry level analyst and my promotion (if I were to get one) would simply be senior analyst.. so it's not a huge deal, but it'd be nice to put on my resume that I got promoted, ya know?

I'm also currently on a project with my manager and I've been doing very well, so our relationship has improved dramatically in the past couple of weeks. Part of me thinks that if I were to let him know I'm looking for a way out, he WOULDN'T tell senior management because he is too (and the reason he's leaving is due to his own dissatisfaction at senior management; sort of like he'd be looking out for me by keeping it hush-hush), but that's not something I can take for granted.

So... how do I structure my conversation with my manager and basically ask for connections for a new job? Literally, what do I say/ask? I have another 1:1 with him next week and I'd like to spend that time having this conversation.

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Well, think about it this way, if you had a company, and found out one of your employees was thinking about getting a job elsewhere, why would you want to promote them? You wouldn't. So, don't mention working elsewhere at all, until you are actually ready to move. Then, you can discuss it openly, since at that point it is clear that you won't be staying.
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It doesn't seem logical to expect to seek assistance for a new job while also seeking a promotion that is given around the same time. I also don't understand why you want to have this conversation next week and not next year.

I would ask for assistance now and accept that it may impact your promotion opportunities but may get you hired in desired city sooner. Or wait until promoted and look for a job, probably without assistance because you've annoyed said manager who won't give you help because he's just promoted you and now you're leaving. Or maybe said manager will help you because he himself has quit.
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I agree with the chorus of "don't." If you want the promotion, go after it and get that first. Depending on your workplace culture, you can deal openly with the move after the promotion is secured.
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You don't. One or the other. You can either use your manager for help in getting a new job in the new city or you can compete for the promotion.
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