How can I access UK geoblocked sites on an iPad?
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Anyone know of any easy ways to make use of a VPN service on iOS for accessing UK geoblocked sites from the US?

I’ve been using Tunnelbear VPN service on my laptop from the US primarily so I can access UK offerings like BBC iPlayer and 4oD. I’ve also recently discovered that my account also allows connection via iOS devices, and was hoping to be able to use the service in much the same way on my iPad and iPhone. However, iPlayer for iOS seems to require a UK iTunes store membership (which I have no easy way of getting) and appears to use flash so both options – at first glance – would seem to be out. Anyone know of other ways I might be able to access these or similar services on an iOS device from within the US, or are the iOS connections really only useful for when I leave (and thus use Tunnelbear's US connection to access sites like Netflix, Amazon Video, etc...)?

Bonus question: Any other UK based sites aside from those mentioned above that offer decent programming that you'd care to share? Thanks in advance.
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You can get iPlayer without jailbreaking but it's a pain: create a UK iTunes account with UK billing address, log into that one on iOS, download iPlayer. You can they log out and log back into your US iTunes account.
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Response by poster: Yeah, that's what I've heard too, but it's the UK billing address that I don't have (and I'm guessing is wy more trouble than it's worth to actually get.)
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