Help me clean my filthy Canadian grout
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Is Soft Scrub available in Canada (specifically Ontario, more specifically around Toronto)? If not, what is the best and closest substitute?

Since moving here from the US three years ago I've made a lot of small changes in brands I buy. Kraft Peanut butter instead of Skippy, for example, and most have turned out to be even better than what I used to buy. But I have never found a replacement for Soft Scrub, and it wasn't until recently that I went on a kick to find some here. But I never see it in any stores. We've tried Highland Farms, Sobey's, Walmart, Canadian Tire, etc. Nada. The company who owns it here, Henkel, has a link on their page that goes nowhere. I found some forum posts about people purchasing it at Sobey's back in like 2004, but nothing since.

Anyone know why it isn't sold here, if that's the case? And whether there is a solid replacement (I've not been impressed with Vim)? I am of the "low effort" cleaning mentality, and there was something wonderful about using something that took so little effort and cleaned SO well. I've also seen recipes for "homemade" Soft Scrub - if anyone has tried both the original and one of those and can give me some opinions on a quality homemade solution I might be interested in that as well.

Worst case, I will try their customer service line for the US and see if they know anything on Monday. I couldn't find a customer service contact number for Canada.
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Bon Ami, sold by the S.C. Johnson Company.
It's a calcium carbonate based product, like Soft Scrub.
It's a powder, not a liquid, and it wets easily and works as well as Soft Scrub.
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Seconding Bon Ami - It's awesome!
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Walmart sells a Soft Scrub knockoff in their Equate line. I don't know if it is the same formulation though.
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