Fonts to handwrite, not handwriting fonts
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I'm looking for some inspiration for fonts/styles of printed writing for me to handwrite.

I think it would be fun to learn some new ways to write the alphabet, just as an addition to doodling, or to jazz up handwritten posters or personalized gift tags. Some examples of what I'm looking for are bubble letters, block letters, movie marquee style letters or adding serifs to letters. I'm not looking for handwriting fonts for computers to type in (and that's really gumming up my google searches!) nor am I looking for calligraphy or other styles of cursive writing that are extremely futzy. Just websites or other free resources for interesting fonts with an emphasis on how they would be handwritten or handwritten examples.
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You might try googling on 'hand lettering' instead of handwriting.

Also, Speedball (the pen and ink company) used to put out booklets with various lettering styles to be used in sign-making. You might get some retro-y ideas out of those.
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I frequently use some of the fonts on dafont as broad templates for my hand-lettering.

Even better, the type, lettering, typography, and hand drawn type tags on tumblr.
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Okay, it might be silly, but I love the Beautiful Swear Words tumblr, and it has a lot of hand lettering in different styles.
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Oh, and here's the Process tag, which has lots of sketch photos and things.
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Ooo! You want to check out Marian Bantjes' stuff. Also House Industries.
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