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Please recommend the best cartoons you can think of (in the vein of say, Samurai Jack or Flapjack) for my cartoon-lovin' 8 year old and myself. We're obsessed and need new material!

This FPP went up this morning about a new cartoon from the dude that did Flapjack and as my kid and I are utterly obsessed with cartoons -- our DVD library is huge as we watch nothing on the tele other than PBS -- I'd like some more toon suggestions.

Things we have loved and watch on the regular:

Flapjack, of course.
Samurai Jack. Kid wants to BE Samurai.
Scooby Doo, old and new.
Pee Wee's Playhouse. I had forgotten how creatively awesome this show was.
And then I'll admit that yes, I do let him watch other various Adult Swim shows. He has a couple Aqua Teen seasons and all the seasons of Frisky Dingo. Please don't lecture me about this, either. He's 8 but he gets that there are certain things he shan't repeat, the inappropriate jokes he doesn't understand, and the joy of being able to run around and quote that show when no one knows what we're talking about has increased my happiness in life ten-fold. YOU'RE A LOOSE CANNON, CODY!

So, what are we missing. I'll of course check out Gravity Falls (though I'm not sure I can get it on DVD yet) but I'd like to beef up his Christmas DVD wishlist with some great shows we could be missing.
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Best answer: Rocko's Modern Life was legitimately awesome, and I loved them even more watching them all again a few years ago as an adult than I did when I was a kid. (And I loved the show when I was a kid, so that should say something.)
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Best answer: You're watching Adventure Time, right? Right?
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Best answer: There are some really fun things on Boomerang from the 90's:

Powerpuff Girls
Cow and Chicken
Dexters Laborotory
Ed, Edd and Eddie
Johnny Bravo

Ren and Stimpy

Some things I'm catching when I get home in the evening are

Adventure Time
The Real Show

What about some of the Nickelodeon stuff?

Spongebob Squarepants

And of course, MY personal favorite:

Daria and consequently, Beavis and Butthead--perhaps when he's older.

And old school Loony Toons, because...yes!
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ADVENTURE TIME c'mon grab your friends!
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Avatar: last airbender 3 seasons (NOT the M Night shambawhoops movie)
Legend of Korra
Phineas and Ferb
Powerpuff Girls
My little Pony:Friendship is Magic
Adventure Time

Charlie the Unicorn on youtube is the king of quotable, but screen it first.

Maybe some anime? Watch the episodes beforehand, but Cowboy Bebop is fantastic and fairly kid appropriate (Except for the episodes that 100% aren't, so did I mention to screen them ahead of time?)

There is a ton of good anime. Not sure what all is kid appropriate though.
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Best answer: Oh, and if he likes Samurai Jack, you guys should totally check out Sym-Bionic Titan. It's only one season (damn Cartoon Network) and I'm not sure if there is even going to be a DVD, but if you can get hold of it by, ahem, other means, I highly recommend a watch.
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We bought this Speed Racer DVD for $1 in a sell-off bin two weeks ago, and my 8 year old daughter is loving it with the same fervor that she loves old Scooby Doo.

Tex Avery and vintage Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry are also favourites on Saturday mornings around here.
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From the 90's (I'm not sure where it's available)- Real Monsters
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Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated is pretty good and self-aware
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The original two seasons of Star Wars: Clone Wars were 2D animation (before it went to the 3D CGI they have now) by the same guy who did Samurai Jack, and are a very similar style. They're pretty cool.
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And if you're a Star Wars nerd, SW:CW also has some cool tie-ins with Revenge Of The Sith, for example you find out why General Grievous is coughing all the time and you see Chancellor Palpatine being abducted right before the opening titles.
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Best answer: If you're okay with him watching Aqua Teen, he may enjoy Sealab 2021, although you may want to pre-screen that one for yourself if you haven't seen it.

But, yeah, Dexter's Laboratory is also by Genndy Tartakovsky like Samurai Jack and while they are very, very different shows, you can enjoy both on similar merits. Also seconding Rocko's Modern Life. You can trace a lot of the type of humor found in the today's really popular cartoons to it.
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Response by poster: Oh jeez, these answers are hitting me right in the childhood feels! Rocko and Real Monsters have been added because good lord, I need those in my life again.

As for Adventure Time, I'm not sure why we haven't got into this yet. I'm on it. Adding Sym-Bionic Titan too, if I can find some.

As for Scooby, we literally have every Scooby DVD. Ever.

And we do own a couple seasons of Sealab 2021 but there was an episode about the crew knocking the lady up and while I'm pretty liberal with what I let the kid watch, that was too much :).

Also adding anything with Genndy's name on it because Genndy, you guys.
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Codename: Kids Next Door is a LOT of fun, and it was all on iTunes last I checked.
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Is he into superheroes? Batman: The Brave and the Bold is zany and hilarious. Justice League and Batman: The Animated Series are both really well done, but they're more serious and require a little more investment.
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Best answer: Chowder!

(Alex Hirsch was a writer on Chowder, which I did not know until just now!)
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Seconding Avatar: the Last Airbender. It's a lot of fun and has a lot of Asian design influences which might appeal to him if he's into samurai. It also has some great characters, story, and humor.
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Best answer: Has he seen The Tick? (The animated series, not the later live-action version.) I think that might capture the flavor you're looking for. Plus it's brilliant.
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Came in to suggest Animaniacs, Powerpuff Girls, and Dexter's Laboratory, but those are covered. I'm going to sidestep the remit a bit and suggest The Muppet Show. I've always thought of it as a live action cartoon, and I like it for the same reasons as those cartoons I mentioned. (they're all a little sarcastic but not overly so; there's humour seemingly targeted for the adults watching but it's never inappropriate; the episodes are never brainless; etc)
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Fairly Odd Parents!
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Thirding Avatar: The Last Airbender. That and Samurai Jack are my two favorite cartoon series, and both balance humor and badassery marvelously well. The first few episodes are a little slow, but it gets up to speed pretty early in Season One.

Also, Phineas and Ferb -- light and kinda silly, but it captures the sort of ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE feeling of no-school summer-days in a way that reminds me a bit of Calvin and Hobbes. And there's a secret agent platypus.
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Wallace and Grommit!
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Powerpuff Girls, of course. Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Elsewhere on the Hub, what I've seen of Dan Vs is pretty good. The Aquabats only has a couple of cartoon segments every week, but even without them is terrific.

In addition to Tex Avery mentioned above, many classic Warner Bros cartoons are great. MGM from the same time isn't as anarchic, but holds up pretty well. Of course, Jay Ward/Bill Scott cartoons of you can find DVDs of them, are great.

There was a cartoon aired in the waning days of Saturday Morning called The Big Guy And Rusty The Boy Robot, based off of a Frank Miller property, and from what I remember wasn't bad. Then there's the highly memorable Freakazoid and Pinky and the Brain. Earthworm Jim dates from that time and is very underrated.
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