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A good place to get eyebrows done in NYC?


I'll be in New York (Manhattan) for a job interview on December 9th-10th. While there, I would like to get my eyebrows done somewhere. I need a little more than a touch up. My eyebrows are two different heights - nay, they're like two different eyebrows entirely, and I can't fix it. I'm also not sure if this shape (well, either of the two separate ones my eyebrows are rocking) is working for my face, so I'd like someone who can take a look at me and assess what would work best on me, not just follow the shape I already have. I'm willing to pay a little more than the typical 10 to 15 bucks for this privilege.

P.S. I will be alone most of the time I am there would any mefites like to get drinks kai thanks bye
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I get threaded (do you wax?) at Sarina's Threading Salon in Brooklyn Heights (very close to Manhattan—just one stop away). She knows what she's doing. That said, there are probably other options in whatever neighborhood you'll be staying in...
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Smooth Skin factory in the east village is a yelp favorite and I can vouch for the brow wax I've gotten there. Just make sure to make an appointment ASAP because it gets really booked up.
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I haven't seen her personally, but the brilliant woman who does my brows (privately unfortunately) trained and recommends Jo-Anna Lynn at Sally Hershberger salon.
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How much are you looking to spend? I love Sania at Sania's Brow Bar. She is pricey ($65) but when she shapes my brows, they look fantastic for a very long time. I've gotten compliments each time I've had my brows shaped by her.

I'm a very lazy brow person, but when I have the extra money and I want a fantastic shape, I go to her. I've gone to her on and off for the last 3 years.

Also, be prepared to wait a little - sometimes she gets backed up, but I've never had to wait too long. I just say this in case you are trying to squeeze her in-between other things. Allow an extra half-hour of time.
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Audrey Spa in Williamsburg. Ask for Jola. I've always had weird uneven eyebrows and she made them look beautiful. She is a magician. And it's relatively inexpensive (I think something like $25 for the initial shaping). A couple of days after the first time I got them done I was on a date with a guy and he commented on the fact that I had perfect eyebrows...when we were in his bed. If a guy is noticing your eyebrows when he is in bed with you, that says something...
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I use Carol at Ling Spa in Union Square when I have time, and the Boom Boom Brow Room in Chelsea when I don't.
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I use Boom Boom Brow Bar in Chelsea it's the only place I trust. They're great.
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Jimena Garcia. Amazing. I think she's at TenOverTen in Tribeca now. It's like she can see your SOUL. I left NYC two years ago and I miss her!
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Go to see Tahira at Shobha Salon. She works out of the Financial District these days, though occasionally she's be in the Soho location. She does threading, not waxing. I recommend her because once she identified the problem created by another threader (eyebrows at two different heights) and corrected it. It's pretty cheap - $20.
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I the second the recommendation for Sania's Brow bar. Funny you should post this. I am super picky about my brows just moved up here a few months ago and had Sania do them. Loved them but I missed the dramatic look I got from threading (she tweezes). Needed them done badly again last week and decided to be cheap and skip Sania and try a threading place that got great yelp reviews.
Not really feeling what the threaders did. Very thin. A little too thin. Nothing awful.

Go with Sania. worth the 65 dollars. I'd rather have them a little more natural and less "dramatic" looking and archy then borderline pencil thin.
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